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Junk Car Boys started off as a small company in Portland, Oregon by two brothers. The family they were raised in always drove junk cars. Because of this, they constantly saw broken down cars on the side of their driveway, where they would just sit for years. Their dad always said he would fix it, but that never happened. Instead, the vehicle would sit and rust for many years, and as soon as one car would break down, they would then buy another car that eventually broke down. What do you do with a yard full of broken down cars? That’s where the Junk Car Boys come in.

The story above was the motivation for the two brothers to start up the company. Today they are a national corporations with buying locations in every major city of the USA. Selling your unwanted vehicle is now the easiest thing that you can do. The oldest brother finally jumped on the band wagon, and so the company is run by the three brothers now.

How did they get so big? Customer service. They are very big on customer service and making sure each individual is taken care of to the best of the companies ability. That is a promise the brothers made to themselves since they hate how corporate giants treat their customers. No matter how big the company becomes, they will never sacrifice customer service for profits. Because, without you, there is no us.

Thank you so much!

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